Divorce Mediation in NY is More Peaceful and Less Costly than Litigation

If you are going through a divorce and you would like a process that’s less expensive and less stressful, then you should consider divorce mediation instead of litigation. A mediator can help ease some of the strains of divorce and help you avoid the courts. Divorce mediation in NY has increased in popularity over the years because more and more people have become familiar to its various advantages.

One of the reasons that mediation has become more common is that most outcomes are predictable. Usually, litigation just increases hostilities without really doing much to change the final outcome. While not all cases are the same, it is likely that the issues and contentions involved in your divorce have already been seen by the courts many times before. Unique cases that require the court intervention make up the minority of cases.

Another reason for choosing divorce mediation in NY is that it may provide you with a more cost effective and personal way to work through the dissolution of your marriage. Courts continue to be underfunded while being overworked, which means litigation is likely to be a long-drawn-out expensive process. This is not the case with divorce mediation, which is a quick and easy process that also offers a setting that is more convenient and comfortable than the court. Litigation will require you to appear in a public room filled with strangers, including the judge and opposing counsel. Divorce mediation takes place in a private room with just your spouse and your mediator.

Mediation is also a lot less costly than litigation. There is no need for parties to retain separate lawyers, and the process is much shorter. The mediator assists both parties in dealing with all paperwork and formalities.

So, should you choose mediation?  Yes, absolutely. Divorce mediation in NY should always be considered first before looking into the more stressful and more expensive alternatives for divorce or separation.

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David Escoffery is the Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediation. He assists in resolving all divorce-related issues, including Equitable distribution of marital assets & liabilities, Child custody & child support, Visitation, Maintenance / Alimony, Federal & State Taxes, Business Interests, Estate Planning, Retirement Accounts / QDROs.

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