Easier Separation with Personalized Divorce Mediation in Long Island

Separating from your spouse is a big decision that may involve a lot of conflict especially when parties cannot agree on all the issues that need to be resolved. While separation sometimes requires legal intervention, most cases do not need to go to court. Divorce mediation in Long Island is an alternative to expensive and lengthy legal processes in court, and it lets you separate amicably and peacefully from your spouse. Personalized divorce mediation is cheaper and quicker than any litigious process, and its emotional consequences are much less severe than when parties are forced to contentious situations in court.

In divorce mediation, you and your ex-spouse are professionally guided by an experienced mediator who will provide all the information necessary for you to equitably resolve all divorce-related issues. The mediator is a neutral person who provides the framework for amicable discussion regarding the interests and rights of you, your spouse, and any children. In mediation, you and your spouse are the only decision makers and you directly communicate with each other in a relaxed environment to form your own agreement that efficiently and effectively resolves all financial and legal obligations to each other and your kids.

Personalized divorce mediation in Long Island is a process that ensures a reasonable, balanced, and fair agreement that addresses all issues relevant to a divorce. Full-service divorce mediators can assist with visitation, business interests, maintenance and alimony, equitable distribution of marital liabilities and assets, child support and custody, retirement accounts, and estate planning. If you prefer a legal separation, divorce mediators can provide their expert services to help you resolve your separation agreement. And if you later want to convert your separation into a divorce, you can count on the same mediators to assist you with that too.

The bottom line is that divorce mediation will always take less time, cost less money, and be a more peaceful process than litigation. Reaching a personalized agreement does can be simple and does not have to involve a legal battle and courtroom appearances. Couples considering divorce or separation should always first seek assistance from mediator.  You, your spouse and your children will always benefit from a mediated process that is free from the stress, anxiety and conflict that is typically a part of litigated divorces.

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David Escoffery is the Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediation. He assists in resolving all divorce-related issues, including Equitable distribution of marital assets & liabilities, Child custody & child support, Visitation, Maintenance / Alimony, Federal & State Taxes, Business Interests, Estate Planning, Retirement Accounts / QDROs.

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