Reasons to Consider a Divorce Mediator for Separation

Divorce mediation is the process of resolving conflict by coming to mutually beneficial agreements that satisfy both divorcing parties. As opposed to a typical adversarial court proceeding, mediation is designed to emphasize cooperative problem solving, thus allowing parties to address the needs of everyone involved. Mediation is a litigation alternative to different kinds of legal conflict, although it is especially useful in the context of family disputes and divorce. Below are reasons why you should consider using a divorce mediator when facing separation:

  • Mediation is much less costly (approximately one tenth of the cost of litigated proceedings that settle without a trial – the cost of litigated proceedings that go to trial is indeterminate). In mediation, one professional is retained for both spouses instead of two lawyers for each spouse. This one neutral professional is dedicated to helping both parties reach an amicable resolution and all resources are used in constructive meetings instead of on countless calls and endless waiting time in court. Lengthy divorce battles due to back and forth motion papers often lead to the financial ruin of families, which is why mediation is such an attractive alternative that benefits not only your finances, but more importantly, your case.
  • You have control of the discussions and the outcome of the decision. In a mediation, you get to choose topics you wish to settle and discuss and you, instead of the court, have the final say on the terms of your divorce agreement. This means that important decisions about your children are left in your hands instead of the hands of strangers. The mediation process also allows you to be better heard because you get to work closely with the mediator and get proper guidance on all stages of the resolution process.
  • Mediation also leads to faster resolution as you get the chance to set your own time frame for resolving the issues. This means never having to wait months at a time for court dates set by the judge.

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David Escoffery is the Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediation. He assists in resolving all divorce-related issues, including Equitable distribution of marital assets & liabilities, Child custody & child support, Visitation, Maintenance / Alimony, Federal & State Taxes, Business Interests, Estate Planning, Retirement Accounts / QDROs.

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