Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process of receiving a divorce or separation with the assistance of a mediator who is a neutral third party.

2. Why is mediation better than litigation?

Mediation is always going to cost less, take less time and result in a more personalized agreement than using a lawyer to litigate through the courts. Mediation is always the right place to start especially when children are involved because it reduces stress and makes future interactions easier.

3. What if only one person wants the divorce?

In October 2010, NY passed the no fault grounds for divorce providing that a divorce will be granted if only one person believes the marriage is irretrievably broken. So it only takes one person to want a divorce, nothing needs to be proved and no one needs to be at fault.

4. What if my spouse refuses to participate in litigation?

We can assist with all types of situations. When both parties receive helpful information from a neutral third party they are in a position to make an informed decision rather than a reactive decision. Our advice is always to give as a call so we can assist with helpful solutions and move the process forward in a constructive way to everyone’s benefit.