NY Divorce Mediation Lawyer


Divorce Mediation Attorney

With NY Divorce Mediators you will receive professional guidance and assistance from a divorce mediation attorney with the following background an experience:

  • Member of the New York State bar.
  • Expert in the divorce laws of the State of New York.
  • Mediator of hundreds of New York divorces and separations.
  • Extensive expertise in negotiating complex matters.
  • Years of experience at top tier Manhattan law firms.
  • Law degree from top tier law school with honors and publication in Law Review.
  • See: Don’t Litigate Video

Full Service Assistance

As a full service NY divorce mediation firm we do it all. At no time will you be required to obtain additional assistance or pay an additional fee to any third party. Our professional service includes:

  • Meetings with a professional divorce mediator who will help both parties communicate effectively and discuss each issue in an amicable and informed manner.
  • A legally binding agreement in an acceptable form for legal separation or a divorce filing with the court.
  • Professionally prepared documents and a completed filing with the court for divorce.

QDROs / Deeds / Wills

Often times in a divorce or separation our clients desire assistance with ancillary matters. We can absolutely help!

  • QDROs – We can prepare qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs) for any type of retirement account. A QDRO is the court order that is required by most retirement account administrators in order to divide an account pursuant to the terms of agreement.
  • Deeds – Contemplating a buy out? We can assist with the deed, tax documentation and filing that is required in order to transfer ownership of real property.
  • Wills – We can also assist clients who wish to make changes to existing wills or to issue new wills.