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  • NY Divorce Mediators has the background, experience, knowledge and expertise necessary for parties to quickly and efficiently obtain a divorce or legal separation in New York.
  • An attorney mediator and registered member of the New York bar with over 15 years of specific and direct experience in divorce mediation. The divorce mediator you receive will not only be extremely knowledgeable and professional, but also thoughtful and understanding with a peaceful demeanor.
  • All the information necessary to make educated decisions and reach equitable resolutions on all issues relating to your divorce or separation.
  • In situations where couples have children under the age of 21, we will perform all child support calculations in accordance with the Child Support Standards Act. Fully informed parties may then either opt in or deviate from the calculations performed under the Act.
  • As required by New York law, our expert divorce mediators will perform all calculations required under the NY Maintenance Guidelines. Fully informed parties may then either opt in or deviate from the calculations performed under the guidelines.
  • The calculations performed by our divorce mediators under the Child Support Standards Act and NY Maintenance Guidelines will provide parties with the framework for discussing financial obligations relating to child support and maintenance/alimony. In addition to performing these calculations, NY Divorce Mediators will also review current and projected budgets of both parties and assist parties in determining whether the guideline calculations warrant adjustment based on the specific financial circumstances of both parties.
  • Our divorce mediator will encourage couples to put the needs and best interests of their children first and assist them in crafting a visitation schedule that best fits with the schedules of both parties and their children while also allowing the children to continue to meaningfully benefit from time spent with both parents.
  • An attorney prepared settlement agreement customized to address your specific needs and situation and that will sufficiently address all of your issues and concerns relating to your divorce or legal separation and that will also receive Court approval.
  • All additional court documents (typically 15 to 20 additional documents) required for your filing with the Court. All documents prepared by the attorney mediator.
  • The expertise to address all situations from the simple to the complex. Our expertise includes the drafting and submission of qualified domestic relations orders (QDROS) required for the division of retirement account assets. We also have the experience to address all issues that arise when one or both parties are business owners.
  • With our service, divorce mediation includes the filing of all divorce papers with the Court. No party is required to make any Court appearance. Unlike most divorce mediators, we assist our clients with all of their needs from start to finish.