The Benefits of Choosing a Divorce Mediator in New York

Benefits of Choosing A Divorce Mediator

Mediation is an option often chosen by couples heading for a split. Its function is to put an end to tumultuous or incompatible relations in an amicable and civilized manner.  A trained divorce mediator helps to resolve issues and maintain a courteous relationship between the parties both pre and post divorce. A structured approach to settlement by an experienced divorce mediator in NY can help take the sting out of any feelings of estrangement and assist couples in moving forward with their lives more smoothly.   Here is what you need to know about the benefits of choosing a divorce mediator in New York.

Role of the divorce mediator

A divorce mediator helps both parties determine whether there are any sensitive issues that would derail the couple from an amicable mediation process. For instance, cases involving violence or abuse generally require the intervention of the legal system.  However, most cases that only involve disagreement on divorce-related issues are best resolved through mediation. A reputable divorce mediation firm like NY Divorce Mediators assists couples in exploring all of their options and all of the ramifications of those options and guides them to a conflict-free settlement.  If requested by the parties, mediators can also use third-party experts for audits, valuations and other additional services to help couples arrive at informed and equitable resolutions.

Introductory sessions

Mediators introduce the couples to the mediation process in a private information gathering session. Couples have the opportunity to express any and all of their concerns and ask any question they may have regarding their situation.  Parties can also present their goals for the mediation process. The mediator will then identify all of the underlying issues and gather data to help further discussions to meet the common objectives of the clients. Seasoned divorce mediators possess the ability to help parties find common ground and mutually acceptable solutions.

Negotiation and agreement between couples

A mediator will assist parties in navigating through all the details and complexities of the business end of settlement, including matters relating to equitable distribution of marital assets and liabilities, calculations of maintenance and child support, and the division of retirement assets.  Given the importance of economic issues couples are typically expected to produce financial documents and to verify their financial disclosures. As separation of the couples should have minimum impact on the lives of the children, mediators also give extra care and attention to all discussions relating to child custody, parenting responsibilities and visitation schedules.

Drafting of separation agreement

Once the mediator helps to bring about a mutually accepted agreement, full service mediation firms like NY Divorce Mediators will have an attorney mediator draft all of the paperwork that is required to memorialize the agreement and make a filing with the court. Collectively, all of the prepared documentation spells out the terms and conditions of the divorce. Upon signing and execution, the attorney mediator submits all of the papers to the Supreme Court of the State of New York for official approval and recording.

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