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More and more divorcing couples are now becoming enlightened and choosing divorce mediation over more adversarial options. If you are going through a divorce or contemplating a divorce, then you should also consider all of the benefits of using a mediator. The following are the advantages of divorce mediation over a litigious process:

  1. Easy to Begin

To start the mediation process all you need to do is schedule an appointment with a mediator.  It is that simple.  No party needs to be served and no person needs to appear in court.

  1. All the Decisions will be made by You & Your Spouse

The role of a divorce mediator is to bring out all the issues, and then assist parties in discussing and resolving them. You and your spouse will decide on major issues together.  Unlike litigation, mediation will give you and your spouse much more control over the process. 

  1. It is Less Costly

When you retain a divorce mediator in NY you will only have to pay one professional – the mediator – to help you legalize your separation process.  In litigation there are 2 attorneys that will each charge a much higher hourly rate than the mediator.  The number of hours for a mediated divorce is also a fraction of the number of hours required in a litigated divorce.

  1. The Process is Faster

With divorce mediation, you will not have to wait for separate sessions with separate attorneys. There are also no court dates that you need to wait for. You and your spouse will decide on the schedule of your sessions and how often they occur.  Mediation takes weeks whereas litigation usually takes years.

  1. It is Less Stressful

This process is collaborative, and the mediator’s aim is to help you and your spouse arrive at a resolution that is equitable and beneficial to both parties. Mediation is also more constructive and will help both parties communicate better with each other post-divorce. This is a particularly important benefit to consider when parties have children and need to maintain a parenting relationship with each other even after the divorce. Mediation also takes place in a private and comfortable setting versus litigation which occurs in an uncomfortable public forum.

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David Escoffery is the Attorney Mediator at NY Divorce Mediation. He assists in resolving all divorce-related issues, including Equitable distribution of marital assets & liabilities, Child custody & child support, Visitation, Maintenance / Alimony, Federal & State Taxes, Business Interests, Estate Planning, Retirement Accounts / QDROs.

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