Divorce Mediation Mountain

Conscious Uncoupling

Conscious uncoupling is the process of partners parting amicably and keeping mutual respect for each other and any children involved. Conscious uncoupling changes the concept of a nasty drama-filled divorce and the rigidity of the all-or-nothing belief structure that if marriage is not for life, then something must be wrong. The truth is that over 50% of marriages end in divorce and many couples that stay married are not happy in their marriage. A relationship or marriage does not need to last for life for it to have benefited the parties in some way. Our partners are our teachers that help us to evolve and grow as individuals no matter what the duration of a relationship or how a relationship may change over time.

There does not have to be any bad guy because a marriage is ending. There are just two people with two different perspectives. When we stop blaming each other for our different views and ways of approaching the challenges of life and realized that change is often time the most healthy choice and not something that must be feared, the parties can make rationale and thoughtful choices to create new circumstances that are best for all parties involved. Conscious uncoupling is the foundation for a new relationship with its own set of benefits. If children are involved, co-parenting is essential to their continued growth and development. Children are imitators, and if if we take a more conscious and civilized approach to our actions, then we are giving them the tools they will need to realize the most success and happiness in their lives.

Don’t let the misunderstandings involved in divorce lead you down a destructive path. If change is something you are contemplating please give us a call and speak with us about your situation. Don’t engage your partner in emotional discussions that may elicit defensive and threatening reactions. Simply call us and let us help. While divorce is much easier if both parties choose conscious uncoupling, we can assist even when you believe that may not be possible. In addition, your personal growth is not dependent on your spouse’s choices. Your choices and the way you approach your uncoupling is what matters most. Resist being baited into dramatic arguments, and choose to handle your uncoupling in a conscious way.