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What Now?


To better understand all your options and learn more about getting a divorce or legal separation in New City or Sloatsburg, simply give us a call at 888-600-7411 or email us at (info@nydivorcemediators.com).

By phone or by e-mail we will:

1. Have one of our NY Divorce Mediators provide you with a free, quick and helpful telephone consultation.

2. Answer absolutely any question you may have about divorce mediation or your specific facts and circumstances.

3. Offer you the flexibility of meeting with one of our divorce mediators in New City or Sloatsburg at a time that best fits your schedule.

4. Give you practical advice on how to successfully navigate through any current challenges, which may include how to get started with divorce mediation when one or both parties cannot or will not meet at one of our Rockland or other New York locations. Creative solutions include, divorce mediation by conference call and divorce mediation in the comfort of a client’s home. We can also start the process with only one party present and engage a party through service, if necessary.

5. Provide you with everything you need to know to quickly, easily, amicably and affordably obtain a divorce or separation in Rockland, Orange, or Sullivan.

We are great listeners, really easy to speak with and happy to help you in any way we can. Getting a divorce or legal separation in Rockland, Orange, or Sullivan should not be stressful, difficult or expensive. Explore all your options and call us today!